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How to Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

Getting your kiddos involved in the kitchen can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your children. It can help teach them important life skills, encourage healthy eating habits, and foster a love of cooking. Here are 6 tips to help get your kids more involved in the kitchen.

PC: Mareesa Ahmad

1. Start with Simple Tasks

It's important to start with simple tasks that your kids can handle. Let them help with tasks like stirring, measuring ingredients, or washing vegetables. As they gain confidence and experience, you can gradually give them more responsibility.

2. Make it Fun

Make cooking a fun activity by playing their favorite music, telling stories, or involving your kids in the meal planning process. Ask them what meals they would like to make and let them choose the ingredients. You can also give them fun aprons with their favorite characters or special cooking utensils to make them feel like they are part of the team. Or, turn cooking into a game by setting a timer or having a cook-off between family members.

PC: Mareesa Ahmad

3. Encourage Creativity

Encourage your kiddos to be creative in the kitchen by letting them experiment with different ingredients and flavors. Let them come up with their own recipes or modify existing ones. This will not only help them develop their culinary skills, but it will also give them a sense of ownership and pride in their creations.

4. Teach them About Healthy Eating

Use cooking as an opportunity to teach your kids about healthy eating habits. Talk to them about the important of eating a rainbow of colors, meaning a variety of fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Let them choose healthy ingredients and talk to each other about why they are good for our bodies.

PC: Mareesa Ahmad

5. Teach Kitchen Safety

Before getting started, it's important to teach your kids about kitchen safety. Show them how to handle sharp objects, use appliances safely, and explain the dangers of hot surfaces and boiling liquids. This will help prevent accidents and ensure a safe cooking environment.

6. Be Patient and Praise Their Efforts

Cooking with kids can be messy and time-consuming, but it's important to be patient and encourage them throughout the process. Remember to give positive feedback and praise their efforts, even if the end result isn't perfect. It's important to continue praising their efforts as they cook and learn and let them know that you appreciate their help in the kitchen. This will boost their confidence and encourage them to keep cooking with you. You can even take photos of their creations and display them in the kitchen or share with family and friends.

PC: Mareesa Ahmad

Getting your children involved in the kitchen doesn't have to be scary. It's a great way to bond and teach them important life skills, encourage healthy eating habits, and foster a love for cooking. By keeping things simple, being patient, and encouraging them every step of the way, you can help your kids develop a lifelong passion for cooking and healthy eating.

Warm dishes,

Mareesa Ahmad

Founder and Owner of Bloomin' Chef

(formerly known as Culinary Sprouts)

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